Wednesday, November 7, 2018

PASS Summit - Day 2

Starting My Day

Despite staying up late last night (10:30pm) my internal east coast clock had me up at 3:30am today.  I finished my blog for day 1, posted a few things on social media then hit the Seattle Hilton Fitness Center around 4:50am.  Would you believe 2 other people were in the gym with me?

After my workout I worked for a while and then got ready to attend day 2 of the PASS Summit.  I could have had a nice hot breakfast at my hotel, but I wanted to join my friends for breakfast at the conference center.  That was a decision I soon regretted!  PASS is saving a ton of money by not providing attendees with a hot breakfast this year.  I knew this when I chose to eat there over my hotel, however, I didn't know how dire the selection would be!  I was thinking there might be fruits and/or yogurt in addition to pastries.  Nope!  The Summit breakfast consisted of crescents, zucchini bread, and bagels.  Carbs with a side of carbs.   Looking back I should have eaten at my hotel first, and then simply joined my friends at their table for a night chat.  Live and learn!


Today I attended 'Developer Dive into Azure Cosmos DB' presented by Leonard Lobel.  Let me start by saying... I am not a developer.  I decided to attend this pre-con because a development group at work started using Cosmos DB and as a DBA I wanted to know more about it so I can be prepared to speak intelligently on the topic if other teams start to consider Cosmos DB a potential solution.  I also want to be prepared for that moment I'm asked to support it.

We started the session talking about throughput, performance, and partitioning which were pretty similar to other technologies I have experience with.  We also dove into how to create a Cosmos DB and documents in Azure as well as the local emulator.  I found myself getting distracted with spinning up my own Cosmos DB.  The emulator would not work on my laptop.  I gave up troubleshooting and threw one together in Azure.  I was able to get a Cosmos DB created and I imported a bunch of data from CSV using the Data Migration Tool.  I was super excited to be hands on as I retain better that way.

Leonard was very much rushing through his material.  There were times he spoke very fast and other times he just skipped multiple slides at a time.  There were a few questions throughout the day, but nothing that threw us off track.  I think Leonard should have planned his content better for the 7 hours he was allotted.  

Boogie Nights

The lineup was Women in Technology happy hour at the Tap House Grill, PASS Summit v.20 Celebration, and finally Denny Cherry's SQL Karaoke at Amber.  I pumped caffeine into my veins all day, but never thought I would make it to all these events, however, I did!

The Women in Technology happy hour was awesome (of course!).  Rie Irish had presented the female attendees with a handmade gift that I will cherish!   Thank you Rie!

While at the happy hour I had the fortune of meeting ladies that traveled quite a distance to be here this week.  Susanne from the Netherlands is a Database Developer and is attending PASS Summit for the 5th time.  Rosanna from the UK works for Redgate and is here for her first time!  I also got to meet Randi who is an analyst right here in Seattle.

The Tap House was packed and there were well over 100 people
there for the WIT happy hour.  It was truly an awesome time!

Next I moved onto the PASS Summit V.20 celebration which was fantastic!  Great music, delicious food, lots of friends, and Star Wars!  The photo ops were a great idea and the attendees had a lot of fun.  It was a great way to celebrate 20 years of the Summit.

Finally I wrapped up my night at Denny Cherry's SQL Karaoke.  I have to admit...  I had a WAY better time than I expected.  First, I was dead tired as I had been awake since 3:30am and the event didn't even start until 9:30pm.  Also, I had been to this event at past Summits and the people signing up to sing Karaoke were amazing so it was more like an open mic concert and not really what you think when you hear the work 'karaoke'.  This year did not follow suit!  There was a wide range of talent last night and it was fantastic!  Some folks were amazing, while others were amazingly bad (and that's great!).  It's everything I would expect from a karaoke night and it's what makes it fun.  I appreciate that people put themselves out there like that for the entertainment of us all.  I had a great time and it was the perfect ending to another awesome day at the Summit.

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